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Velke Losiny Chateau. North Moravian chateau. CNEE1.

A place of medieval witch trials.

The present purely Renaissance manor was built in 1581-1589 by Jan jr. from Zerotin. Side wings were built at the same time as the main oblong building. The building was conncted by cloister galleries in the courtyard of the manor remained open on the southern side and only later was built around by lower buildings with massive pillar cloisters. Fortunately the manor was not affected by later significant modifications. A shadow on its history are the witch trials (1678-1692), which afflicted dozens of innocent victims.

Of the interiors the large Renaissance banqueting hall stands out. Also very remarkable, is the hall of ancestors with the portaits of famous members of the Zerotin family. The manor stores a collection of paitnings by Italian, Flemish and Dutch masters. There is also a remarkable collection of pistols, hunting rifles and other weapons.

There is the room called the witch hall that commemorates the famous witch trials. Over the course of 15 years, in the period between 1678 and 1693, the inquisitor Frantisek Jindrich Boblig of Edelstadt (today´s Zlata Hora) conducted trials with alleged witches and sorcerers in Losiny castle, and it on hits instigation that aboutm one hundred innocent people were burned to death here.

3 hours to drive from Prague, E


1)Velke Losiny chateau(NEE1) – 8 hour round trip

Trips combinations:

2)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Litomysl town and chateau NNE5 – 10 hour round trip

3)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Bouzov chateau NEE2 – 10 hour round trip

4)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Hradek by Nechanice chateau NNE2 -10 hour round trip

5)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Castolovice chateau NNE3 – 10 hour round trip

6)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Opocno chateau NNE4 – 10 hour round trip

7)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Hradec Kralove NNE7 – 10 hour round trip

8)Velke Losiny chateau NEE1 + Josefov NNE6 – 10 hour round trip