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Vysehrad and New Town Private 4 Hour Walking Tour

To see Vysehrad you need to use the public transportation.

Our guide will take you to Vysehrad, nowadays the former 17th century military fortress, famous with its casemates, but originally there used to be the royal castle. Learn the stories about the legendary ruler Libuse that foresaw a city whose „fame would touch the stars…“, the 14th century New Town inspired by the plan of Jerusalem, the „Faust´s house“ and others. Come to see the place, where are buried famous people as A. Dvorak, B. Smetana, or A. Mucha.

Tickets to attractions are not included in the tour price.

The plan of the New Town was inspired by the plan of Jerusalem.
The middle of the 13th century paved the way for spiritual growth and understanding of the world in Christian Europe. Up until then, the Biblical Jerusalem, the importance of which easily surpassed any other place in the world, including Rome – the residence of Christ´s terrestrial deputy, the pope – was considered the center of the world.